Here is a chronological list of notable pieces of writing I’ve published elsewhere. If it’s available to be read online, there’s a link. If that’s not the case, I’ve linked either to the publication’s main page, or to a web-merchant where it can be purchased.

“Wilderness Group Tour,” How We Write: Thirteen ways of looking at a blank page, punctum books, September 2015.
[free download, cheap to purchase paper copy]

“Newfoundland Off the Map: Michael Crummey’s Sweetland,” The Toronto Review of Books, February 2015.
[read online]

“L’ancienne capitale francaise,” Le Gaboteur, November 29, 2014. Translators: Jacinthe Tremblay and Steven Watt.
[Le Gaboteur website]

“The Ways of Flesh,” Hart House Review 2014.
[Hart House Review website]

“High Water: Newfoundland in Venice,” The Newfoundland Quarterly, Spring 2014, 106.4
[read online]
[Newfoundland Quarterly website]
(nb: I found this online scan of my article through the time-honoured method of googling myself. I don’t know who uploaded it or why.)

“Michael Collins’s Imaginary Syllabus,” Echolocation blog, March 2014.
[read online]

“Taken from an unpublished manuscript,” Echolocation magazine, Volume 13, 2013.
[Echolocation website]

“The Great Eastern,” The Newfoundland Quarterly, Fall 2013, 106.2.
[read online, courtesy of Edward Riche]
[Newfoundland Quarterly website]

“The Ancient French Capital,” The Newfoundland Quarterly, Summer 2013, 106.1.
[read online, if your library subscribes to EBSCO]
[Newfoundland Quarterly website]

“Patrick Warner’s doubletalk (review),” Newfoundland and Labrador Studies, Fall 2012, 27.2
[read online, if your library subscribes to the journal]
[Newfoundland and Labrador Studies]

“They do be anxious about their speech: Performance and Perceptions of Authenticity in Irish-Newfoundland English,” The English Languages: History, Diaspora, Culture, volume 3 (2012).
[read online]

“Mrs. Wakeham,” The Cuffer Anthlogy Volume III, (2011)
[read online]
(nb: this story won second prize in the 2010 Cuffer Prize short story competition).

“The Last Islander,” The Cuffer Anthology Volume III, (2011)
(nb: this story was shortlisted in the 2010 Cuffer Prize short story competition).

“Signal,” The Cuffer Anthology Volume II, (2010).

“Fogo,” The Newfoundland Quarterly, Summer 2010, 103.1
[Newfoundland Quarterly website]

“Slip,” EarLit 4, (2010)
(nb: the first piece of fiction I ever published, this is an audio recording of Joel Thomas Hynes reading my short story. Unfortunately, the publisher’s website, through which you used to be able to download the mp3 for $1.95, seems to be broken, and the publisher seems to be on a hiatus, or having some difficulty. Physical copies of the anthology may still be available for purchase in stores around Newfoundland.)
[Rattling Books website]

“Harbour Towns,” The Newfoundland Quarterly, Spring 2008, 100.4
[Newfoundland Quarterly website]

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