Michael Collins grew up in Bond’s Path, Placentia. He’s completing a PhD in Newfoundland Literature at the University of Toronto. He also writes short stories and creative non-fiction; his work appears regularly in the Newfoundland Quarterly and irregularly elsewhere. He tweets @erlking. He finds it odd to write about himself in the third person.

This blog will primarily focus on Newfoundland literature, history, and culture. As of March 30, 2014, a wikipedia search for “Newfoundland Literature” returns the result “The page “Newfoundland Literature” does not exist. You can ask for it to be created, but consider checking the search results below to see whether the topic is already covered.” The lack of ‘official’ recognition combined with the invitation to create was just too on-the-nose to resist.

If you want to know the basic gist of Michael’s dissertation, you should read this post.

Your humble author in an unguarded moment:

me feb 2014

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